Make Life Yours ?>

Make Life Yours

It doesn’t take much to make human beings feel uncomfortable. Actually, even the slightest change in an everyday routine can make a person feel insecure, unsure and confused. You see, human beings are creatures of habits. Nothing new. The sad thing is that 99% of “routines” suck. They make people fat, unhealthy, depressed and ugly. I remember seeing a video from this Fitness guy on YouTube, hanging around somewhere in the Australian sun having a fucking shredded body and stuff….

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Toughen up a bit! ?>

Toughen up a bit!

Good evening fellas, Citywolf on the rise once again! Today I want to ask a question to all of you: How tough are you? It’s a new year, people are motivated and try to follow through on the goals they made up in a not so sober state of mind. (Don’t get me wrong – I think any kind of goalsetting is awesome, although I simply don’t think starting to accomplish a goal at a particular date which society sets…

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Times are changing ?>

Times are changing

Good evening fellas, Citywolf on the rise. In a recent article I wrote about change, since that is really all my journey is about these days. ¬† Questions that pop up in my head: what opportunities/threats come with change, what happens when you decline it and what kind of changes there are in a mans life. One thing I’m sure of: If you refuse change, it will kill your spirit. Nobody wants their spirit to die – it’s what keeps…

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Goal Setting Monday ?>

Goal Setting Monday

Good morning fellas, it’s been a while. Time has passed and I noticed the time has come to hit it up with a new blog entry. Today, I’m starting my new workout routine and getting my ass up to go to the gym more than 3 times a week and get jacked! So I figured if I can do it, you guys can do it as well. Here’s the plan:

Evolve Or Die ?>

Evolve Or Die

When I was younger, change was everything I NEVER wanted. I always wondered why people would try out new stuff, do activites outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to shift things to a different state. In my head, the status quo was the most satisfying situation. In reality, it was the opposite.

Greg Plitt – Legacy ?>

Greg Plitt – Legacy

If you think of the great personas in the Fitness/Bodybuilding industry throughout history, you could name so many. Just think about Arnold, Frank Zane or Franco Columbo back in the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. Nowadays, there is a abnormal amount of people who have an appealing physique. They all put in hard work, sweat and tears. But because of this massive amount of great bodies out there, one just needs more than the looks to stand out and be admired.